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Have a place that needs disinfection? Care about the health of your people?

Reach Super Purple LLC – Seattle’s UV-C light disinfection and 100% eco green disinfection company. To eliminate the unseen bacteria, UV-C treatment is needed. Our UV-C light uses short length light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. Mold in a home or building adversely affects the indoor air quality. Mold and mildew in homes, schools and workplaces have a dramatic effect on our overall health – from allergic reactions to sometimes severe illnesses. Chemicals, including bleach have been proven to be unsafe, ineffective long term, and bad for the environment. Green organic solutions company is dedicated to providing the same results with natural, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions to prevent mold. We have a thoroughly screened & continually-trained staff. We are licensed & bonded. We are your answer if you’re yearning for a bacteria-free environment.

We established our company because we strongly agree with the latest scientific studies that believe indoor threats represent the scariest threats for human beings and their pets which can not be eliminated by traditional cleaning methods whether treated by regular or thorough cleaning. We have absolute faith in our UVC treatments plus our effective Eco green solutions utilizing the highest technology devices through our unique techniques of latest disinfection methods. We designed all of that with prices that are sufficiently afforded.

Senior living facilities ranked with day-care centers, schools, and some medical facilities as homes to host of infectious diseases, germs, and bacteria that are usually not encountered in other types of living situations, such as offices. Furthermore, unlike in office settings, the people that live in or use these facilities are usually older, possibly sick, may have weakened immune systems, and are often more vulnerable to disease than the general public.

Let's us walk you with confidence to the best strategy of eliminating germs, bacteria and most harmful threats that live inside your indoor environment


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